Stephen Street Talks About The Nate Cain Prison Sentence

Inspector General Stephen Street was in studio and spoke with Brian about Nate Cain and his ex-wife being sentenced to prison.

Why is Nate Cain going to prison?

Street says that they are in trouble for wire fraud.  He explains that the ex prison warden and his ex-wife used state credit cards to purchase personal items at an incredible rate.  He details the things that were purchased, including a $400 pink princess chair, dog food, 7 pairs of Beats headphones, guns, gun parts, children’s shoes, blue ray players and Yeti coolers.  They then took these items and sold them for a profit.  They wound up spending over $150,000 of the state’s money for personal gain. They are forced to pay $42,500 in restitution for unaccounted for property. Street details how they structured the purchases so that they would remain under the radar.

What started the investigation into Nate Cain?

Street talks about how he received information on this with the help of the Department of Corrections.  He says that the purchases were audited and got a search warrant to retrieve those items that were purchased.  Street then talks about the house that they built on prison grounds that did not go through the correct process was also a red flag.  He explained how the investigation unfolded and what resources were used.  Street says that employees were threatened and intimidated by the warden if they questioned the purchases.

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