Community Concerns 6-9-19

It is a new week for Community Concerns, and Brian speaks with different guests about different topics. Our first guest, Dr. Curtis Chastain from Our Lady Of The Lake speaks about the most common reasons, threats and risk factors that send men to the doctor and other important topics for men’s health.

Second guest, Betsy Barnes discusses cancer and targeted radiation joined by medical professional Karen Smith and brings Brent Loupe with the patient’s perspective.

Shifting away from medical segments, Brian speaks with Christy Smith, President and CEO of BR Soldier Outreach, a group in charge of helping others. Christy talks about who they are as well as her garage sale and fundraiser event for BR Solder Outreach in Saturday July 6th. More information is provided in the audio, check it out to attend!

Our 4th speaker is Chelsea Borruano to discuss the “You Are Not Alone Project” which brings awareness to mental health in Baton Rouge. This Project will kick off with an event July 26th 7-11 pm, find some more information in the audio to not miss out on this free event.

Katie Guitreau, coordinator from LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens is our 5th speaker and talks about all the events and programs that can happen in the Botanic Gardens.

Hear these diverse topics here!