Valarie Hodges On The Legislative Session

State Representative Valarie Hodges spoke with Brian about bills in the legislative session.

Why do companies want to boycott Israel?

Valarie Hodges talks about her bill that allows a public entity to reject the lowest bid on a procurement contract.  She explains that this bill is around because there are companies that want to boycott Israel.  Hodges tells us why this is the case and how this bill will help that issue.

Is it illegal to terrorize a judge or law enforcement officer?

Hodges talks about her bill that would create the crime of terrorizing a judge or law enforcement officer.  She said that the bill didn’t gain any traction because another representative had a bill that was very similar to her bill.  Since another representative already had that bill, she decided to focus on her other bills.

Should illegal immigrants be able to vote?

A bill she focused on was to make sure illegal immigrants couldn’t vote.  The bill made sure the immigrants were U.S. citizens and made sure their dependents live in the U.S. legally.