HW was one of a kind.

Today, the 41st President of The United States is being remembered at a service in Washington’s National Cathedral.  George H.W. Bush was indeed unique.  He flew combat missions, (50+) and was shot down in WWII as the youngest Naval Aviator in history at the age of 19.  He served in the US House, as an ambassador, as the head of the CIA, and as Vice President under Ronald Reagan.  Most of all, he was known for his keen mind, caring spirit, and his burning desire to always do the right thing, even when that wasn’t politically expedient.  Karen told me what a wonderful man he was from her experience working as part of his advance team when he was VP… the one time I shook his hand, he radiated a warmth that one doesn’t always find in powerful men.  God rest you, sir.  You will be missed, not only for your service, but for your dignity and class.