How Was The Narrative Shaped… From Inside The Trump Campaign

red bayou showRecently, Scott and I talked to Jay Connaughton from Innovative Politics. Jay was a media adviser on the Trump campaign and gave us his take on what shaped the Donald Trump story in the election. We then shift the conversation form the election narrative to the shaping the narrative moving forward. More specifically, we ask Jay about how the President can keep his head above water in the media to do the job of creating jobs while there are going to be countless attacks to distract, discredit, or take down his presidency.

After talking about President Trump, we turned the focus to upcoming statewide races. Jay gives his take on what will shape the narrative in the Legislative races, and shares some thoughts on the Treasurer’s race. Jay gets pretty deep in his analysis of the scene as a whole, and even delves into one of my favorite topics… rewriting the state’s constitution!

Before we were done, we had some fun talking about the overwhelmingly horrid decision by the New Orleans Zephyrs to change their name to the Babycakes. Jay had some incredible insight and stories to share about, not only what happened, but what is still happening in that ongoing saga.