Where Do We Go From Here? (America & LSU)

red bayou showThis week, Scott I talk about Donald Trump and LSU football. What can America expect from the President-elect immediately after inauguration, what should his priorities be, what is he most likely to accomplish? We also talk about how he won the election in the first place. While we both own up to being wrong on our predictions, we talk about the sentiment behind what motivated voters. Stemming from that, we talk about race in America, and where that conversation is headed in the future. More specifically, are things going to get better, stay the way they are, or get worse?

Shifting gears, Scott and I give our takes on the LSU Football head coaching search. Breaking down what path brings in Fisher and the path to Orgeron. We talk about how the schedule has played out and how that has adversely affected Orgeron’s chances. Plus, we give our picks as to who we think will land the job.