Is it time to say thank you and goodbye to Les Miles?

red bayou showIs it time to fire Les Miles? Should LSU wait until the end of the season, or get things moving right now?

Following LSU’s performance at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a large and ever growing contingent of Tiger fans have said enough is enough with Coach Miles and his unimaginative, outdated offense that he stubbornly refuses to change. This, in spite of promises to do so at the end of the 2015 season.
Charles Hanagriff of Sports Today on 104.5 ESPN radio and Ron Higgins of the Times Picayune and are both on board with the idea that Miles’ time has run out in Baton Rouge. In fact, Hanagriff is the first one saying that LSU should consider dismissing him mid-season. Both Hanagriff and Higgins joined Scott McKay and meĀ on this week’s episode of the Red Bayou Show.
FWIW, I may be the last one still in Miles’ corner. It’s in my nature to support the man until he’s gone. That being said, the complaints are valid and as long as they go unaddressed, the situation will worsen. While I don’t want to part ways with the winningest coach in school history, I’m resigned to what seems to be inevitable.