Generally, it has been the rule that Labor Day is Game Day for presidential politics.  If this is accurate, Game Day is upon us as we enter into the Labor Day weekend.  Game On!

Over the last two months, we have witnessed a Trump surge and then collapse.  The Democratic Convention gave Hillary Clinton a big lift and a significant surge in polling numbers.  In fact, the numbers were so large that the Main Stream Media and numerous pundits pronounced the election over and Clinton the winner.

Yours truly did not hang with this theory; anyone with good sense didn’t either.

Last week on this blog, I noted that Trump currently had the momentum in this election.  This week poll numbers seemingly prove it.  Trump is closing rapidly in the national surveys; in the swing states, the polls are also closing albeit a little more slowly.

The national numbers coming out on September 1st are indicative.  Rasmussen actually has Trump +1, Reuters has Clinton +1, and Fox News has Clinton +2.  In each case, Clinton’s numbers have dropped rather than Trump rapidly ascending.  Additionally, Clinton’s negative ratings are the highest they have ever been, showing something is seriously happening with voter perception of the Clinton candidacy.

The email scandal, pay-for-play allegations, the Huma-Andrew scandal, and other news stories have taken Clinton off her stride.  Moreover, the Clinton Campaign has gone off-message.  The effort to paint Trump and his supporters as members of the KKK does not play to Clinton’s strengths and simply may not be credible to a majority of the voting public.  All of this has worked to create a Clinton swoon just before Labor Day.

On the other hand, Trump’s campaign has caught its footing.  Kellyann Conway, the new Trump campaign manager, has brought stability and discipline to the Trump message.  It is no secret Conway, a mother of four, is close to Ivanka Trump, the Donald’s daughter, and it is clear that Ivanka is the epicenter of power in the Trump campaign.  Ironically, the Trump campaign is being driven by women while Clinton claims Trump is anti-women.

So, what’s next?  Who knows?  Who would have thought Donald Trump would actually meet with the President of Mexico and use this to brighten his presidential credentials?

We do know the following are certain to happen.  There will be three debates.  They will be YUGE, especially the first one.  There will be 15,000 new emails released discovered by the FBI in their investigation of Clinton.  Clinton will have to answer 25 questions under oath propounded by Judicial Watch, the conservative public advocate group.  Wiki Leaks and its founder, Julian Assange, will upload a ton of new information apparently regarding the Clinton Foundation and various other subjects related to the Clintons.  Election Day will finally arrive.

Few of this is good news for Hillary Clinton.  On the other hand, there is Trump and who ever knows with him.

The polls matter because they are a report card on each campaign.  This is where our attention will be.

More to come….Fletcher