Can we get to some football already???

red bayou showFormer LSU Football player and current co-host of Double Coverage on WWL 870AM, T-Bob Hebert joined me and Scott McKay this week to talk about the upcoming LSU football season. T-Bob talked about the level of expectation for this team. He talked about the amount of experience there is on the roster and why that experience is so valuable. He talked about new Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda and makes a Breaking Bad comparison that can’t be missed and, once heard, will never be forgotten. We also ask T-Bob about the offense and what to expect from the line, from Brandon Harris, and from Leonard Fournette.

T-bob mentions the amount of LSU talent in the NFL and can’t understand why none of that talent plays for the Saints. After the interview, Scott and I go a little deeper into that topic, speculating on why that is the case, who is to blame, and if it’s even possible that it can continue.