John Delgado talks about running for Mayor


red bayou showScott McKay is out this week, but I sat down with Metro Councilman John Delgado to talk about running for Mayor on this week’s show. The bulk of the conversation was on economic development and Councilman Delgado’s vision for Baton Rouge. I asked John to “armchair quarterback” Mayor Holden’s performance in a number of different areas that are of vital importance to the city. We talked about crime, education, and go into how the Mayor handled the Alton Sterling shooting.

I also asked Delgado about his battle ahead in the race. Namely, how does he “reconcile with the people he has pissed off?” Councilman Delgado has grown a reputation of saying some bombastic things, and I asked him point blank how he plans to go back and ask for the votes of people he has called “The Baton Rouge Taliban.”
We also talk a little campaign strategy, and dive into who Councilman Delgado feels is his main competition.

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