Yuengling is here!

image from Yuenling’s facebook page

This week was a long time in the making for beer lovers in Louisiana. Yuengling Beer is now available in our state. Filling in on The Clarence Buggs Show Tuesday, I HAD to talk about it. And if I’m going to talk beer, I’m going to talk to Jay Ducote from biteandbooze.com.

Jay said, “of any brewery out there in the country that was not previously available in the state of Louisiana, Yuengling is going to have the most mass appeal.” He said this week’s addition is, “bigger than when New Belgium came into Louisiana and brought Fat Tire.” Ducote said the main appeal is that it is a very approachable, drinkable beer. Jay said it’s a refreshing craft beer without being a coffee stout or a hoppy IPA.

Yuengling started in Pennsylvania and was originally only available on the East Coast. Since then they have opened a second brewery in Tampa, Florida and started heading this way across the Gulf Coast. Sometimes when a Brewery tries to expand to a second location, there is a drop off in quality. This is completely not the case with Yuengling. Ducote said, “when you’re brewery that kind of beer, at that level, the quality and consistency of that product is key.” he added, “we can rest assured that Yuengling has put the proper steps in to making sure that the beer that’s coming out their Florida brewery is going to be the same standard of quality that has been coming out of their Pennsylvania brewery for a few centuries.”

I couldn’t let Jay get off the phone without asking him about his show Deep Fried America. Jay said the show is in a “holding pattern” right now until the decision makers at the Travel Channel get together later this month to determine if they will pick it up for a full season.