Allegations of bribery

pelican postTuesday on the Clarence Buggs Show, I had the opportunity to fill in while Clarence is taking some much deserved vacation. One of the topics that I covered was the bribery allegations in Ascension Parish. At the center of those allegations is Parish President Kenny Matassa. Wade Petite from broke the story and I had the chance to talk to him. What Wade laid out was a very detailed description of events that amount to a very blunt and serious accusation. His story on his site provides audio and pictures to back up those allegations.

Petite described for the Talk 107.3 audience how he came to learn about what went on from Gonzales City Council candidate Wade Lawson. Petite said Mr. Laswon described veiled threats to get him “out of the council race.”

Petite then walked through his version of what transpired after that. His recounting included asking Mr. Lawson to record a conversation for sound and how Mr. Lawson agreed and said that “if I don’t do it, who’s going to do it?” This was in reference to “exposing the corruption going on in Gonzales for as long as anyone can remember.”

Petite described what is in the audio and said President Matassa offered Lawson a job in exchange for dropping out of the race. He also said that there was an offer to reimburse his qualifying fee and to repair a food service truck.

Petite also talked about how he has been a long time critic of Matassa, but had never had a “smoking gun.” He feels this story is that “smoking gun.”

Matassa has since responded. You can read that story here from WAFB.