Why am I just now hearing about the Tundaminous?

tundaminousI’m not usually big on “Cajun humor,” but someone in Southwest Louisiana has hit my funny bone and I can’t stop laughing. Last weekend, a friend of mine asked me if I had heard of the Tundaminous. I had not. He showed me one clip and I was hooked. THIS is exactly why the internet was invented! For those that don’t know, minou(s) is the Cajun word for cat. So, Tundaminous would be a Cajun version of the Thundercats. The long and the short of the Youtube series is, according to radio station 106.3 in Lafayette, Church Point native Ash Reese created a story line to dub over clips from Thundercats cartoons. The story line includes Lioneaux (originally Lion-O) is being sought by the evil Mum-roux over a Magnalite pot that Lioneaux’s father, Old Pa-Paw borrowed and never returned. Lioneaux and the Tundaminous need to rebuild a damaged lair, find Old Pa-Paws camp, and keep the Magnalite pot away from Mum-roux.

The re-editing of the cartoons is terrible, but that doesn’t stop the humor. There are references to many real places in Lafayette and the Cajun terminology used leaves me gut laughing out loud. There are also appearances by KATC’s Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo, and an on-air talent from Hot 107.9.

The Tundaminous have their own facebook page with close to 2000 followers, and are taking Lafayette by storm. I figured it was time to share them with Baton Rouge. So for your viewing pleasure, here are links to the episodes (NSFW language):

Pilot part 1

Pilot part 2

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

If you want a taste of the Tundaminous before you click the links, here is episode 2… Enjoy

If you like the Tundaminous, I highly recommend subscribing to the YouTube channel as they also have spoofs of the Geauxbots which actually takes a political jab at the overreach of the green energy sector, and they’ve even turned Star Trek cartoons into a series called “Couillon Quest.”