No Holds Barred From Alan Seabaugh

the red bayou showState Representative Alan Seabaugh lets loose on this week’s episode, ripping into the dishonesty from the Governor’s office on how much revenue the state actually has. He addresses the “game of chicken” being played with college kids’ lives when it comes to TOPS. He talks about where additional dollars can be found within the current budget. Seabaugh takes Governor John Bel Edwards to task for, “blatant campaign lies by Governor Honor Code.” Basically, Seabaugh says the state was “sold a bill of goods” in electing Edwards and that Louisiana is stuck with higher taxes and bigger government as a result.

From there, the discussion turns to the Governor’s strategy to work with the Legislature long term once the state is past the current crisis. In particular, Scott McKay and I ask about Governor Edwards responding to criticism on social media and what he can possibly gain from it.
Seabaugh also talks about why he doesn’t vote for a bill unless he is first given an opportunity to read it. And, he credits Democrat Neil Abramson for “saving the state” on more than one occasion. he references Abramson’s stance on the Speaker of the House, but more recently, for digging his heels in to kill a bill that would have reduced the amount of federal taxes Louisianans could deduct from their state tax burden.
Before speaking to Representative Seabaugh, Scott and I share our thoughts on the recent terror attack in Orlando and how the dialogue no longer includes solidarity or mourning, but instead, goes right into political overdrive.