Roy Fletcher’s Blog, Episode 4: Britain Sings “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

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Did The Clash know?  If you do not know The Clash, go get their records.  Interesting music and one of their songs was the title of this article.  It was about 4 decades ago they recorded this opus of three chords, but it is as vital today as then; at least in Great Britain.


On June 23rd, the voters of Great Britain will decide whether they will leave the European Union experiment or remain.  Prime Minister David Cameron, in a fit of arrogance, called this election thinking Leave had no chance.  Apparently, he thought the British people were happy with a flailing economy, huge trade deficits to other European members of the EU, and massive open borders immigration.  In short, Cameron calculated that globalism, not nationalism, had worked well for the English common folk.

One week from the election Cameron has been surprised.  Polling in Great Britain is not the best for a variety of reasons, but the latest round of polls has given Leave about a 6% lead over Remain.  Several weeks ago, a study popped out that showed the tremendous number of immigrants flowing into Great Britain and the common folk suddenly shifted their allegiance from Remain to Leave.  Thus, this apparent (and that is generous) lead.

Leave has seemingly punched ahead due to Labor Party members.  Cameron is a Tory and he’s been the spokesman for Remain.  Thus, over the weekend a former Labor Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has been called up to try to bring the rowdies back to Remain fold.  It just might work!

At the same time as Brown hitched up with the Remain Train, the Remain campaigners started the typical “it will be a disaster” message.  All sorts of terrible indignities will befall Great Britain if the EU is rejected; space aliens to old folks being pushed over the ledge of a London tenant house; terrible stuff.

Speaking of London, The Clash also penned “London Calling”, an anthem to punk rockers.  Well, London is a magnet for Remain voters, being the place where Remain does the best in the polling.  In the hinterland, however, Leave seems to be the choice. The Tory and Labor voters tend to split on the issue.  The balance of power is held by UKIP (about 14% of the voters) voters who are supporting Leave by 95%!!!!


London has benefited from globalism.  Apparently, the rest of Great Britain has not.  Leave is running a campaign built around the message of jobs, a declining standard of living, and vast amounts of immigration all forced upon the people by a big European regional government local officials cannot control or have little say in.

It’s a classic election, and an election that will have an enormous impact on what’s left of Europe and on the people of Great Britain.  Of course, if Remain loses, David Cameron will not have to decide if he should come or go.  It will essentially be a vote of no confidence and the Tories will have to face the music of the voters.

More to come….

~Roy Fletcher