Have you heard Bodi White’s ideas for Baton Rouge?

red bayou showState Senator Bodi White, who is running for Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish was our guest this week. White talked about some of the major issues facing Baton Rouge right now. When it comes to education, Senator White says we need to start early to get through to kids that are falling out of the school system and into a life of crime. He made mention of a mentor-ship program to expose kids to better alternatives to a career other than drugs and gangs. White talked about using his experience in law enforcement as a way to shake things up in crime fighting. We talked about the size and cost of our local government, and White said that the number of employees needs to be addressed. More than that, the cost of pensions needs to be corralled. In terms of infrastructure and traffic, White said we have far greater problems than needing a gondola. Interestingly, he said he feels Baton Rouge has likely missed its window for developing a loop, but added a number of suggestions for creating more roads that would ease congestion.