Congressman John Fleming makes his case for the Senate

red bayou showEvery week, I try to share the latest episode of The Red Bayou show as part of this blog. Well, it turns out I missed an episode, but for very good reason. Two weeks ago, after recording episode 46 of the show, I was sitting at my coffee table in the wee hours of the morning editing the show and before I could post it my wife walks in and says, “I think I’m in labor.”

Turns out she was, and 5 hours later our son was born.

I tell you that story to tell you this story… The show I was just about to post was a really good one. Scott and I talked to Congressman John Fleming about his run for Senate. Congressman Fleming  talked about what qualifications he brings to the job, and we talked about a few items that Fleming is dealing with on a day to day basis in D.C.

Before speaking to Congressman Fleming, Scott and I spoke with Ginger Guttner from LSU’s Veterinary School about Mike the Tiger’s treatment. While that conversation is a bit dated by now, it is still really good info. However, if you want to fast forward straight to the Fleming interview, it starts at about 19 minutes and 45 seconds in.