Former Republican Candidates Pretty Much Have to Vote For Trump

trump pledge… Or else they’re liars. With Donald Trump securing the Republican nomination for President, and the #NeverTrump movement in full swing, a lot of candidates are taking some heat for saying that they will vote for Trump in November. As this primary has evolved (or devolved) a lot of things have changed along the way. This primary process has gotten down in the mud like I’ve never experienced, and there’s a lot of hard feelings, a lot of disagreement, and a lot of disconnect within the Republican party as a result.

But, before you go casting judgement on a former candidate who says they will vote for Trump, or before you start clamoring for Ted Cruz to run as an independent, I need to take you back in time. Not too far back, just to August 6th of 2015. On a stage in Cleveland, in front a Fox News audience, when Brett Baier asked a seemingly innocuous question…

Oh, but how the tide has turned since then. Now, the only man who stood on that stage, on that night, and bucked the system, is the presumptive nominee. What choice does everyone else who was on the stage have, but to live up to the pledge they took? After all, one of the reasons that Trump has been so popular is because people believe that everything that comes out of a politician’s mouth is a lie. So they can either prove Trump supporters right by continuing to go back on their word; or they can stick to their guns, even if it puts someone in office who has personally insulted, attacked, and lied about them. They have the chance to stand by their word, regardless of how much they may not want to. Besides, what does a man have in this world, other than his word?

I believe that phrase you’re searching for is “hoisted by your own petard.”

This is why I detest pledges like the one in this video. We have no way of knowing from one day to the next how events will unfold. We have no way of knowing what circumstances may change over the course of time. Yet we cement our heels into a position; not knowing what the consequences of taking that stance will be.

I have not been a Trump supporter along this ride, and am not sure that i won’t go a third party route this November. But, I can tell you that I didn’t make a pledge last August, and everyone on that stage except for the nominee did. So when any of the castaways that were voted off the island say they are voting for Trump, all I can say in return is, “good. That is what you unknowingly promised to do last summer.”