Andrew Klavan Is A Shot Of Febreze On The Presidential Election

Andrew Klavan If you’re anything like me, you are to the point where you find talking about the Presidential election with anyone is exhausting. The news coverage is over-hyped and unavoidable. We can finally come up for air after a giant wave of stage exhibitions that were called debates, though nothing about them warrants that title. (Seriously, no one debates anything at a debate. It’s just a stage full of podiums with people waiting for their chance to talk to get their soundbite in or fling poo at someone else.) The pandering is at an all time high, while the level of discourse is at an all time low. Now we’re in that phase where both parties are crunching the numbers on the electoral math before the inevitable circuses that will be the National Party Conventions. I, for one, am long since over it.

I am actually starting conversations with friends by saying, “I don’t want to talk about the Presidential election.” Doesn’t matter. They’ll proceed to share their thoughts on it anyway. And the thoughts aren’t anything new, different, or exciting. That’s not taking a shot at my friends and their political takes. More to the point, we are just at a point where everything (except relevant policy) has been hashed out. Think about it. Donald Trump announced he was running for President on June 16th of 2015. If you start the countdown to the general election that day, we are currently ten months in to the process. In fact, Election Day will be exactly one week short of a seventeen month election cycle. That’s a long time to talk about anything.

So it’s no wonder that I’ve got nothing left in the tank. But then along comes Andrew Klavan, and suddenly I am presented with a unique perspective I can listen to again. Well, maybe the perspective isn’t unique, but it is worded and delivered in a way that, to me, made it seem fresh. For those that don’t know him, Andrew Klavan is a mystery writer, turned political commentator. He has written close to three dozen novels, a handful of which have been adapted as movies. For the past six years, he has been sharing social and political monologues online, and has really found a groove with this election. Check out a few of his videos:

Pretty funny. And honestly, it seems like this is EXACTLY how it’s playing out. Before his breakdown of the primaries, he gave his analysis of Trump supporters:

Like I said, though the take might not be unique, his writing and presentation kind of hit the election coverage with a spritz of Febreze. Sure, nothing is better than it was before you watched it, but you’re able to tolerate the smell for a little while longer.

While most of his leanings are conservative, Klavan describes himself as a Libertarian. He’s got a podcast and a ton of other videos if you want to check him out. I just wanted to take a second and share these two. Why? Because if you’re as worn out on this election as I am, you need (as I did) a reminder that not everything is going to be stale for the next seven months.