The argument for protecting school choice

red bayou showAs Governor John Bel Edwards begins his attack on Louisiana’s school voucher program, scholarship program, and charter schools, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane talk with former State Senator and current President of the Louisiana Federation for Children, Ann Duplessis in this episode of The Red Bayou Show. As a New Orleans native, Mrs. Duplessis has seen first hand how bad Louisiana’s public schools can get, and what school choice can mean to turn things around. Mrs. Duplessis talks about the growth and retention rates of the state’s voucher program. She talks about the test scores, improvements in the lives of those participating, and she talks about what is at stake when these programs are threatened. Going beyond that, Mrs. Duplessis acknowledges that her organization is geared up for a good fight to protect vouchers, and stresses that winning this fight is critical to Louisiana’s educational success.

After their conversation with Mrs. Duplessis, Scott and Brian dive into the Presidential primary as Scott shares what he can from a meeting he had with a member of Louisiana’s Congressional delegation. specifically, he addresses the rumors of Paul Ryan being thrown in as a last minute nominee at the Republican Convention in Cleveland.