Trump threatens to sue LA GOP. Seriously, Donald?

Bryan Jeansonne

OK, so Trump is peeved that he won Louisiana’s GOP primary but Ted Cruz ends up with more Louisiana delegates and – in a Tweet posted over the weekend – threatens to sue the state GOP over it. Here’s the deal. He and Cruz each won 18 delegates. Marco Rubio won 5 and there are 5 “floaters”. Once Rubio dropped out, it was presumed his delegates will get behind Cruz. Hence Trump’s latest hissy fit.

Seriously, is there anyone this guy HASN’T sued? Anyway, on the morning show, we talked with our attorney friend Bryan Jeansonne (pictured above), who also happens to be a member of the state Republican Central Committee AND one of those that drew the delegate allocation rules. The conversation is enlightening. Give it a listen and thanks for stopping by…