What’s the big idea??? No really, is there an idea?

red bayou nutriaState Representative Mike Johnson joins Scott McKay and I on The Red Bayou Show to talk about the 1st week of the Special Legislative Session. More specifically, he gets into how after a full week, they still don’t know which cuts and/or which taxes are viable. We get Representative Johnson’s thought’s on State Treasurer Kennedy’s input, the Governor’s tactics of threatening TOPS and college football, and talk about Governor Edwards’ “good cop, bad cop” speech to start the session. They also talk about the level of blame that has been placed on the previous Governor, and whether or not that is valid since this “doomsday” budget is actually larger than last years budget and Governor Edwards voted in favor of 5 of Jindal’s 8 budgets. So, how can you blame someone else for something that you supported with your vote?