BREC, Better than Imagined!

There are so many things I like about BREC it’s hard to list them all.

From a personal standpoint I love the fact that four BREC ponds are stocked with rainbow trout this time of year. I also love the bike trails and velodrome for the cyclist in me.

From a civic standpoint I love the fact that BREC has been an excellent steward of the taxpayers money and has solicited OUR help in every step of the process to make sure what we end up with is something the people actually want.

The “Imagine Your Parks” plan gave us all a chance to have some input and made sure all areas of the parish were served. As a result we now are well on our way to having a park system that will serve us well into the future.

It is also another reason why I will have no problem supporting the renewal of the millages that fund nearly half of the operating budget for BREC on April 5th. I also look forward to helping them “imagine our parks” again through the year 2025.

– Clarence Buggs