What Went Wrong With The Vitter Campaign?

the red bayou showJohn Bel Edwards will be sworn in next week as Louisiana’s Governor. A few months ago, there weren’t too many people who would have predicted that. On the Republican side, there were 3 strong candidates. David Vitter, Jay Dardenne, and Scott Angelle all had a viable path they could have followed to land in the Governor’s Mansion. On the Democrat side, and I say this with all respect to the incoming Governor, Edwards was considered a “place holder.” many Democrats were waiting for a bigger name candidate to jump in, but that day never came and some how, Edwards’ stock just kept rising.

Scott McKay and I talked to Joel DiGrado, the Executive Director for the Fund For Louisiana’s Future (the Pro-Vitter Super PAC) about what happened. Was it a Pro-Edwards mandate? An Anti-Vitter mandate? Or some combination of things that took a heavy favorite with a heavy war chest, and shifted the 4th floor of the state Capitol from red to blue?