OK, so maybe they WERE trigger-happy cops….

In my blog post last week about the tragic shooting death of a 6-year-old autistic boy in Marksville by two city marshals, I mentioned that many were quick to characterize the officers as “trigger happy.”

In the days since then, the men have been arrested for the 2nd-degree murder of the child and the attempted murder of his father. No gun was found in the father’s SUV, and State Police can find no record of any outstanding warrants against him. The officers initially said they were attempting to stop Chris New for those warrants. Now their stories are developing more holes than a Swiss cheese. One officer had been accused of rape twice (those charges dropped, though the current DA doesn’t know why). Another has several outstanding civil actions against him. They reportedly fired 18 or more shots through the driver’s door of Chris Few’s SUV; killing the child and putting New in critical condition. I still feel, it is VERY unwise to run from the law with a child in your vehicle. That places that child at risk. However, I’ll mention again, New had no weapon….so “trigger happy” may just apply here. You tell me.