Who do we blame for this tragedy?

Read about this in the Advocate. Lawmen in Marksville had to engage in a car chase of a local man with outstanding warrants. At one point he turned onto a dead end, then backed his car up in the direction of the marshals. They open fire. Trouble is there was a 6-year-old autistic child – the man’s son – in the vehicle. The boy is dead. His father in critical condition. Just a horrible tragedy.

The questions I pose here are: who do you blame? Some media outlets are already labeling the marshals for the city of Marksville as trigger happy “rogues.”  But think about this: isn;t Dad to blame for fleeing police with his CHILD in the vehicle? Don’t we ALL know what happens when you run from the cops? When you steer your vechile AT the cops? Who is really to blame for this awful incident? You decide.

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