Mornings w/Brian Haldane: Michael Trufant & Mike Poloito


Haggai Davis is sitting for Brian today along with his son Haggai Davis III. Their guest on this segment are Michael Trufant & Michael Poloito from the group Austin 6.


More than a decade after its last involvement in Baton Rouge public life, the civic group A6 is getting back together with hopes of attracting a new generation of citizen leaders willing to undertake new projects and initiatives that will make Baton Rouge a better, more progressive community.

A6, which originally stood for the Austin 6, was created by Polito, Michael Trufant, Loren Kleinpeter, Tim Mockler and others following a 2003 canvas trip to Austin sponsored by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. Then in their late 30s and early 40s, the group’s leaders formed the organization to focus primarily on quality-of-life issues in Baton Rouge.

Though they were all businessmen, they did not promote a specific business or political agenda. Nor did A6 accept money or fund political campaigns. Rather, the group held a lot of forums and town halls that engaged the community in discussions about issues they felt were important at the time.

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