Tom Galligan Talks About Covid-19’s Impact On LSU


Interim President of LSU, Tom Galligan, was on the show today to explain the news story that said students checking out of the dorms were charged a fee.  Galligan says that they were not charged a fee, they were given a credit for the money they paid to stay in the dorm, that money will be sent to them in the form of a check.  Now, Galligan says the difficult part is that there is not a set amount for how much each student gets back, it’s based off a variety of factors and varies from student to student.  Then, Galligan discusses what LSU is doing to make online learning as efficient as possible for students and he talks about making the call to shift all summer classes to online as well.  Finally, he talks about using the PMAC as a place to make hospital gowns and masks.  

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