Speeding Up Covid 19 Test Results

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Thursday’s Covid-19 numbers in Louisiana took a lot of people by surprise. The state jumped by more than 2700 cases in a twenty-four hour period. The Governor described the jump as “jarring.” But, he reminded Louisianans in his daily press briefing, that what we were seeing wasn’t a sudden influx of cases, as much as it was a clearing of tests.

“Ninety-Five percent of the positive results that we announced today are from tests conducted in commercial labs.” The Governor said. “The current increase in cases appears to be less a sign of exponential growth over the last couple of days, and more a sign of a log jam for commercial labs that developed over a long period of time.”


Essentially, the more commercial labs are testing, the greater the lag was growing between tests and confirmed results.

However, an announcement came down Friday that could change that. Lake Urgent Care was announced as one of the first urgent care operators in the country to offer Rapid COVID-19 Molecular Tests. 

These tests are administered on-site, in their clinic, the new screening can identify patients with the COVID-19 virus in 5 to 13 minutes.

According to a press release from Lake Urgent Care/Lake After Hours, the way it will work is:

Those people who believe they may have been exposed to the virus or are exhibiting symptoms can find out if they meet CDC criteria for Rapid COVID-19 testing by going to www.lakeurgentcare.com and selecting the red “Virtual Visit” button in the middle of the page.  Anyone that qualifies for Rapid COVID-19 molecular testing during the “Virtual Visit” will be scheduled for same-day or next-day screening. Those tested for COVID-19 will know their results in minutes.

This advancement should net two results as the number of cases continues to climb. First, the number will go up as on-site testing can be reported that much faster. Second, every test that is done on-site doesn’t need to be sent in for confirmation. Even though this is just one outlet for on-site testing, his should allow those doing the other lab testing a little more room to get caught up.

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