Rock It Right Radio for March 14, 2020

This week, Betsy & Kay talk with Evelyn Gibson, with Family Services of Greater Baton Rouge, about the good work they do and their upcoming Spring fundraiser.
(Pictured: Betsy, Evelyn Gibson, Dr. Kay)
Dr. Kay and producer Kevin Gallagher discuss the frenzy over corona virus. Is this the health emergency it is being presented as, or are we being played?
In the Health Segment (BROUGHT TO YOU BY MARY BIRD PERKINS OUR LADY OF THE LAKE CANCER CENTER) Dr. Kay visits the Healing Arts program at Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge. She talks with Dr Francine Lawrence.
(Pictured: Dr. Francine Lawrence)
Plus, Kay is getting ready for her SIXTH annual Third Street Songwriters Festival. She tells ALL!

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