Senator Cassidy Working To Make Coronavirus Drugs Affordable (w/ Video)

Cassidy coronavirus

WASHINGTON โ€“ U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) deliviered a speech on the Senate Floor Thursday urging his colleagues to pass a drug pricing bill to help seniors, who are most at risk of coronavirus complications, afford drugs to treat coronavirus and other chronic conditions.

The Make Coronavirus Drugs Affordable Act (also known as Grassley-Wyden) would cap seniorsโ€™ out-of-pocket expenses so that seniors can better afford life-saving medicine, and has already cleared the Senate Finance Committee. Complications from coronavirus are most likely to occur in older populations, illustrating the need for passage of the bill in case coronavirus treatments become expensive.

This Act is not Cassidy’s only work on the Coronavirus. Last week, on Mornings with Brian Haldane, the Senator talked about tactics that would make the federal government more proactive and quicker to move when faced with outbreaks and epidemics with the Public Health Emergency Response and Accountability Act. You can hear that interview here.

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