Community Concerns 2-23-20

Community Concerns

On this week’s Community Concerns, Brian started things off with a medical segment with Dr. Jorge Castellanos, who is a Cardiologist with Our Lady of the Lake Louisiana Cardiology Associates in honor of heart month.  Dr. Castellanos talks about the structural heart program at Our Lady of the Lake and how important it is to have this program available.  He says that doctor’s with a variety of specialties work together to help patients with heart problems.  Dr. Castellanos breaks down some of the new procedures that this program has created.

Next, Brian was joined by John Sykes to talk about the Black History Month Program that occurred over the weekend.  John provides the back story of Magnolia Mound in regards to black history and what to expect when visiting this plantation tour.  He hopes to educate people on the enslaved folks that worked and Magnolia Mounds and how they played a vital role in Louisiana’s history.

Then, Jeremy Theriot from New Schools Baton Rouge joined Brian to talk about the number of community meetings that they are putting on to help better educate parents on their program.  Jeremy breaks down the Red Stick School Guide which helps parents decide which school is the best for their child depending on their personal educational needs.

How often do receive flash flood warnings on your phone?  Well Brian spoke with WBRZ Meteorologist Dr. Josh Eachus to talk about these warnings and the changes that will be made to the flash flood warning system.  Dr. Josh says that the flash flood warning will not be sent out unless people’s lives are believed to be in danger.  He explains how this change is a step in the right direction, but not a full solution.

Next up, Sergeant Don Coppola discussed the recent vandalism cases and how the anonymous crimestoppers tip has been vital to arresting the culprits of these crimes and why he thinks the public has been so interested in the crimes.  Then, he explains the P3 app and how you can provide anonymous tips on the app as well.

Finally, Christopher Reade from the LookFar Labs in New Orleans was with Brian to talk about the 5th annual Ada LoveLace awards.  These awards honor women in the technology field and their contributions.  This helps promote women’s opportunities in the technology field, which is typically dominated by men.  Reade explains how this awards program got started and how much these awards have grown over the years.

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