BRPD Provides “No Parking” Warning Ahead Of Spanish Town Parade

Spanish Town Route Map

The Baton Rouge Police Department is letting parade goers know well in advance of Saturday’s Spanish Town Parade where they can’t park, and what will happen if they do park where it’s not allowed.

From BRPD’s Press Release:

Spanish Town Parade is on Saturday, February 22, 2020. “No Parking” will be enforced on the parade route starting at 6:00am Saturday morning. All vehicles on the parade route after 6:00am will be towed by Roadrunner Towing Service.

The entire route will be shut down by 10:30am.

Baton Rouge Police will block access to cross streets a block away from the parade route so vehicles can’t drive close to the crowd. At the conclusion of the parade, officers will not allow vehicle traffic on the route until the crowd has thinned out.

“Happy Mardi Gras”

Spanish Town Route Map

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