Legally Served With Richard Sprinkle 10-9-19


Attorney Richard Sprinkle filled in for Franz Borghardt during his trip to Spain.  He and Brian discuss a variety of legal topics.

What are the details of the Juanita Washington case?

There were rumors that Juanita Washington filed against John Bel Edwards and Johnny Anderson (one of Edwards’ advisors).  Sprinkle says that is not exactly accurate, what was actually filed was a petition for the Governor’s office to provide information on the lawsuit.  Richard provides the backstory for the case which is that Truth and Politics and Gary Maloney sent a public records request to the Governor’s office for certain communications and texts from the Governor’s official cell phone and emails that may have to do with the Johnny Anderson sexual harassment allegations.  Sprinkle says it is only a request for documents and not a lawsuit.

Who is DeAndre Somerville?

DeAndre is a young man in Florida who was selected as a juror in a civil trial and he didn’t show up because he overslept.  The judge in the civil case issued a bench warrant for him and sentences him to 10 days in jail for contempt plus a year of probation and 150 hours of community service.  Richard talks about all of the public backlash for the punishment for this young man.  Then, he and Brian talk about what would happen if this case were in Louisiana.


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