Norby Chabert On Fair Pay For Play


The fair pay for play law that was passed by California is putting pressure on the NCAA to allow athlete’s to be compensated for their likeness.  We were joined by Louisiana Senator Norby Chabert to get his thoughts on this.

Senator Chabert says that in its current state, the law is somewhat unclear about how these athlete’s will be making money.  He explains the laws that will need to be put in place in order for this to happen and what he believes the NCAA should do about this law.  Then, Chabert talks about how fair this law will actually be for all college athletes.

Senator Chabert gives the example of how a softball pitcher will not make nearly as much money as the quarterback on a football team.  He tries to determine the fairness of this law and how it could potentially effect the competitive balance of collegiate sports because some schools and conferences have a lot more money to spend on their athletes than other schools.

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