Legally Served With Franz Borghardt 9-18-19

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Attorney Franz Borghardt was in studio today for his weekly Legally Served segment.  Today, Franz and Brian discussed a variety of topics in the legal field including snitching and celebrity standards.

What will snitching do for your legal troubles?

Franz talks about snitching and whether or not it is actually worth it,  he says that snitching usually allows a person a lesser sentence for their crimes but that is not always the case, he references the students who were accused in the hazing on LSU’s campus and after cooperating in court and providing information, received maximum sentences.  Franz then talks about how reliable a snitch should be because if they are receiving benefits from it, they may make something up.

Should comedians be taken seriously?

Franz discusses the Dave Chappelle special on Netflix and the backlash that came with it.  Chappelle explained that it was open season on making fun of celebrities and he even made some rape jokes.  Franz and Brian debate whether or not comedians should be taken seriously and if the should get into trouble for the things they say.

Did Felicity Huffman get a fair deal?

Finally they talk about whether or not Felicity Huffman got a fair deal.  She was sentenced to 14 days in jail for the college bribery scandal after cooperating with authorities and admitting guilt.

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