Legally Served With Franz Borghardt 9-11-19

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Attorney Franz Borghardt was in studio today for his weekly Legally Served segment where he and Brian went head-to-head on various topics.

Are racial slurs considered protected speech?

A male student at the LSU-Georgia Southern game allegedly shouted racial slurs at a Vietnamese during the game.  It is unclear whether or not the male student was under the influence of alcohol or not.  The university is now looking into the matter and what actions will be taken against the student.  Franz and Brian debate whether or not the game is considered a public or private area because you have to purchase a ticket to get into the stadium.  They also discuss whether or not the university can do anything about it since it is a public university and is considered a government area.  There is certainly a lot to unpack in this issue and i’m sure they’ll go at it some more when more information is provided.

Should you help when a police officer asks for your assistance?

There has been recent discussion on whether or not citizens should be required to help an officer in need.  Franz and Brian discuss their opinions on this potential law and where they stand on the matter.  What if the officer dies because you did nothing?  What if you are not physically capable of assisting?  These questions definitely led to a good debate!

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