The Height Of Hurricane Season

2019 hurricane season

Today marks the statistical peak for the Atlantic hurricane season as conditions are favorable for storm development.  So far, there have been seven named storms and State Climatologist Barry Keim says the current rate of storm development is in line with NOAA’s August forecast.

“If we double the seven, that gets us to fourteen, which puts us right in the middle of NOAA’s projection, so it seems we are pretty much right on target,” said Keim.

So far, Hurricane Barry has been the only storm to impact Louisiana this season, but Keim says it’s too soon to let your guard down.

“We’ve been hit by some pretty bad storms in the latter half of the season.  Hurricane Rita comes to mind.  Hurricane Juan actually hit us on Halloween day to show you how late these storms can traverse this area,” said Keim.

While hurricane season may not conclude until the end of November, Keim says Louisiana has not experienced a hurricane landfall after October.

“As we get deeper into the season, the track starts to shift more towards the east coast and Florida and they start to leave the western part of the Gulf of Mexico alone, so that’s good news for us,” said Keim.

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