United Cajun Navy Deploys for Hurricane Dorian

United Cajun Navy

After lashing out on the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian has started slowly making its way towards the U-S eastern seaboard. The United Cajun Navy is stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, and Founder Todd Terrell says they spent the holiday weekend gathering supplies.

“To be able to take care of the people that were affected, but also first responders,’ said Terrell.

Terrell says if you want to volunteer go to unitedcajunnavy.org or you can make a monetary donation at panhandlerelief.org.

“So we try to work with agencies and groups that have the capability to handle funds coming in so we can sure things are given out to the right people,” said Terrell.

Dorian is expected to bring flooding along Florida’s east coast as it slowly moves north. Terrell says they have chainsaw teams with them to help local first responders perform water rescues.

“A lot of times first responders can’t down roads, because they are blocked, so that’s what we are doing right now, we are working with some of the local agencies to try and find out the best way to help them the fastest,” said Terrell.

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