Community Concerns 8-18-19

Community Concerns

Listen to Community Concerns where Brian has a variety of guest that talk about local topics.

This week’s first guest was Chucky Lejuene, the owner of Ashley Manor, he joined Brian to talk about the Blood Donar Angel event that took place at Ashley Manor.  The event allowed folks to donate blood and get free food provided by Ashley Manor.  This event’s purpose is to raise awareness for blood donation.  Blood donations take a significant hit in the summer months because a lot of people are busy on vacations and just do not have time.

The Pennington Biomedical Research Center held a Men’s Health Conference and Dr. Curtis Chastain joined Brian to provide details on the event.  This event is being held because a lot of men do not take care of themselves nearly as well as they should.  They event had different health sessions from a variety of physicians and they provide many free health screenings.

Leslie Presnall with the Baton Rouge Fashion Council joined Brian to talk about the 2019 Fall Fashion Fest at Tin Roof Brewery.  It is an entire purple and gold apparel, making this your one stop shop for all game day and tailgating clothes to help get you prepared for the upcoming football season.  The event features different boutiques in the area and features a total of 20 vendors at this event.  Leslie explains why this event was started and how convenient it is for LSU fans.

The next guest was U.S. Attorney Brandon Fremin.  The Public Safety Partnership is a federal program that helps provide federal help to local law enforcement agencies across the country to help them better enforce the law.  Baton Rouge was recently named as a city in the partnership.  Brandon explains why Baton Rouge is a great city to have this program in and how the Baton Rouge police hope that it will help limit the amount of violent crime in the area.

Sr. Jessica Brown is a sleep specialist for Our Lady of the Lake and she spoke with Brian about the importance of getting your child on a proper sleep schedule and when you should start making your child get on a sleep schedule.  She talks about how to develop good sleep habits and what is right amount of sleep.

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