Chip Kline Talks River Diversions

Chip Kline

A story was published citing an LSU study saying “the Mississippi River diversions can actually do more harm than good for wetland restoration.”  The head of the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, Chip Kline was on the show to break down this story.  Kline says that the report focuses specifically fresh water diversions, these diversions were not designed or operated to build land, they were constructed to manage salinity within their basins as a result of salt water intrusion.  Kline explains that the data was cherry picked to fit the author’s narrative which is to call into question the validity of the sediment diversion that they intend to build as part of the State’s master plan to build land.  Chip explains to us what sediment diversion is and how it has helped restore the coastline.  Kline says that the study was inaccurate and should be discredited.  Hear the full interview here.


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