Community Concerns 8-4-19

Community Concerns

For this edition of Community Concerns, Brian talks about concerns that citizens have in the community and what is being done to solve the problems.

The first guest was Dr. Mark Lapeyrouse from Our Lady of the Lake, he talked about flesh eating bacteria and how to be cautious when going to the beach.  Dr. Lapeyrouse talks about what causes flesh eating bacteria to appear in the water and what prevention steps can be taken in order to help fight this.  He also talks about the dangers of this and how soon after you are exposed to the bacteria should you make an appointment with your physician.

Back to school time is coming up for Baton Rouge and a lot of students will face bullies and could be considering suicide, if they are, they should relax, and just breathe.  Pat Mashburn, the author of “Just Breathe” joined the show to talk about his new book that deals with teen suicide.  Mashburn tells Brian why he decided to write this book and what children should do if they are contemplating suicide.  He explains that bullying is a major factor in child suicide but mental health is also an area for concern.  Pat talks about what should be done to help kids with mental health issues and how to make life at school better for them.

The next guest was Chief Murphy Paul who talked about the decision to fire officer Blaine Salamoni, who made headlines a few years ago after being involved in the shooting death of Alton Sterling.  Chief Paul discussed his press conference that was held about this and how his department plans to build back trust in the community.  He also talks about officer Salamoni and how he never should have been hired in the first place and what BRPD needs to do better to prevent these incidents in the future.

Next, the wonderful ladies of I-Care joined the show to talk about back to school issues.  I-Care plans on having someone in every school in East Baton Rouge parish in order to have parents and teachers more involved in the child’s schooling.  They explain their plan and how children can stay connected with their child’s school life in a variety of ways including going to open house, teacher websites, and more.

Also, Todd Stevens was with Carey Guglielmo on The Brand to talk about new technology that is now at Mary Bird Perkins and how it can help with early cancer detection.

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