Franklin Foil Talks About His Run For Senate


State Representative Franklin Foil has decided to shifts gears within the state and run for the State Senate.  Foil was on the show today to talk about his run for senate and what makes him a good candidate.  Franklin tells Brian the about the top 5 things he is most proud of when it comes to things he’s had passed in the House of Representatives.

Those top 5 things are his bill to provide health benefits to children with autism, a tax free savings account bill for parents with kids in private school, the veterans first database initiative bill, the aval account bill which allows you to get government services for a child with disabilities, and getting rid of the July election date.  Representative Foil provided details about all of these bills and how they have helped people within the state.  Franklin then talks about the next legislative session and how the session will be more independent because of the amount of new people who are joining the session because of term limits.  Finally Foil talks about the other candidates and his strategy compared to there’s and he explains what bills he will be pushing if elected to the senate.


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