Superdome Renovations Are On The Way

Mercedes Benz Superdome

Governor John Bel Edwards visited Saints training camp on Monday and discussed the $450 million plan to renovate the Mercedes Benz Superdome. Edwards says the massive renovation would also result in a new long-term lease agreement between the state and the NFL franchise.

“The goal is to have the Saints here for thirty more years.  We’re excited about the opportunity to do that.  We don’t think there is a better place in the world for the Saints and we’re excited about what the Saints are doing for Louisiana,” said Edwards.

The changes proposed include more natural light entering the building and modifications to boost the fan experience. Edwards says during the renovation the venue will not be used for as many concerts.

“But, you’re going to see the major attractions continue to take place at the Superdome over the three or four year period that these renovations are made,” said Edwards.

Edwards says it is vital for the Superdome, which opened in 1975, to see optimizations that keep the facility competitive in being able to host many major events.

“In the time period that we’ve had the Superdome, many other dome stadiums have been built and torn down and we still have the Superdome, but the reason we’ve been able to make that happen is that periodically we go in and we upgrade,” said Edwards.

Artist renderings may be available by the end of the week. The renovation process is expected to start immediately after the current football season.

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