Crimestoppers With Don Coppola


BRPD Sergeant Don Coppola joined us in studio for this weeks crimestoppers segments to provide the public with details on a few fugitives.

Who is Devon Dyson?

Devon Dyson is wanted by BRPD for charges of domestic abuse and aggravated battery.  A few months back in the Hooper road area Devon had came into a residence while intoxicated which led to an argument between he and his mother.  During the agrument, Devon physically attacked his mother and hit her in the back of the head with a frying pan.

Why is Marcus Roberts wanted?

Marcus is wanted by BRPD as well for battery of a dating partner, simple robbery, and battery.  Back in February he and his girlfriend went to the bus station on the way to her mother’s house.  At some point before they arrived at the mothers house, he started beating her.  He took her phone and then took her slippers off her feet and then hit her with them, the mother sees this occur and walks outside at which point he attacks her as well.  Marcus was last seen on 17th street.

Who is John Fam?

John Fam is wanted for residential contract fraud.  This crime goes all the way back to construction following the 2016 flood.  A There was a resident that contacted John to have him do some repair work on their house to fix flood damage.  Fam showed up and quoted the work at $14,000.  He asked for the money before doing the job and once receiving the money, he never showed up to do the work.

If you have any info on these fugitives, contact crimestoppers at 344-stop.

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