Governor Edwards Doubles Down On Education Agenda

john bel edwards on talk 107.3

Governor John Bel Edwards’ message at qualifying was clear: a vote for me is a vote for further increases to education funding.

Edwards says the budget stability his administration provided has allowed the state to begin reinvesting in education, and a vote for him in fall would continue that reinvestment process…

“When the economy continues to perform as it has been, you will continue to see additional investments, primarily in education.”

The last session was defined by Edwards’ ability to secure a 1,000 dollar pay raise for public school teachers. He says if given another term, he will seek at least another 1,000 dollar raise for educators.

Edwards says his administration’s dedication to education is what sets him apart from his Republican rivals, and precursor.

“We were leading the nation in cuts to higher education for the eight years before I became governor, and increases to tuition, something that we clearly were not well served by.”

Edwards is hoping to earn over 50 percent of the vote in the October primary to avoid a November run-off.

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