Senate President John Alario set to end his political career after 48 years

john alario

Senate President John Alario is ending his political career after 48 years in the state legislature. Alario who is term-limited had the option of running for a House seat, but the Republican from Westwego decided to spend more time with his family. Pinsonat says Alario is one of Louisiana’s most influential politicians.

“Especially for the last 30 years or so, nothing of any consequence or big that happened with the state legislature that John Alario wasn’t one of the key players,” said Pinsonat.

Alario has twice served as Senate President and twice as House Speaker. The Senate says he’s one of only four lawmakers in the nation to do that. Pinsonat says the 75-year-old tax accountant was well respected at the State Capitol.

“Because no matter what the battle was, win or lose, Alario was just as nice to you as if you were on the same side with him, whether he won or lost, he treated you the same,” said Pinsonat.

Alario was first elected to the Louisiana House in 1972. There are some who say Alario is part of the problem with state government. But Pinsonat says many of Alario’s critics never met him, while governors and legislators trusted him because he always kept his word.

“His colleagues and the people that he served with, Republicans and Democrats by the way, always put him in a position of power, no matter who the governor was, no matter what the party was,” said Pinsonat.

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