LDH to begin enforcement of new shrimp and crawfish laws


Louisiana Department of Health will begin enforcing the state’s new crawfish and shrimp labeling law approved by the legislature after a heavy push from the state’s seafood industry. The law lets patrons at restaurants know the origin of their meal.

“The law, as written, gives guidance to restaurants on exactly how to provide that information when they have menus,” said LDH Environmental Services Chief of Field Operations Carolyn Bombet.

Bombet says if an establishment does not use menus, an 18×18 inch sign must be put on display.

“It must be in the English language, it must be posted in a conspicuous location, and it must not be less than 36 inches from the floor,” said Bombet.

Bombet says if a patron feels a restaurant is not falling in line with the law, they can make a report to LDH who will then go and check the receipts for the purchase of the product.

“This violation would lead to education instead of regulation, helping them to correct the violation,” said Bombet.

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser joined Brian Haldane earlier this month to talk about just how wide spread the problem is.

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