Gov. Edwards declares first cybersecurity related state of emergency in Louisiana


Gov. Edwards issues a statewide emergency declaration following a cybersecurity attack on several school systems in North Louisiana.  Senior Coordinating Official for the Louisiana Cybersecurity Commission Kenneth Donnelly says the state was first made aware of a malware attack on July 23rd.

“We started a statewide effort, that’s why the Governor issued the declaration.  To be proactive and not only to contain the threat but to also conduct preventative measures and hygiene,” said Donnelly.

This is the first activation of Louisiana’s emergency support function relating to cybersecurity.  Donnelly says Louisiana State Police, National Guard, GOHSEP, and the Office of Technology service are all working alongside the FBI in response to the attack.

“We’re going to continue to work this thing as long as we have to, ensuring that we have a good understanding of who needs assistance and the state is here to help as we are needed,” said Donnelly.

Donnelly says they are making a statewide effort to educate everyone throughout the state to be on the look and safeguard themselves from possible future attacks.  Donnelly says you can find resources with GOHSEP.

“There’s also the Louisiana cybersecurity website for the commission.  You can go to to get access to the commission’s resources and the state’s resources,” said Donnelly.

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