Senator John Kennedy on Governor’s race: not running, not yet endorsing

john kennedy

Senator John Kennedy spoke at the Baton Rouge Press Club and during the address, he gave his thoughts on the current state of the Governor’s race.  Kennedy says he’s spoken with President Trump about the election, but did not disclose many more details.

“Will the President get involved?  I’ll let the President speak for himself on that.  All I can tell you is, he might.  The President kind of does things his way,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy believes the race will be a close one, but adds that Governor Edwards has the advantage of having plenty of money and mainstream media connections.

“There are people, that, we all know who they are, members of the media, that if you turn John Bel upside down and shook him, those members of the media fall out of his pocket.  We all know that’s true,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy stopped short of endorsing one candidate, and says although he likes all three candidates, either of the two Republican candidates, Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone or Congressman Ralph Abraham would do a better job than Governor Edwards.

Kennedy was at one time considered a favorite to run as a Republican against Edwards before deciding against entering the race late last year.  The Senator says the current candidates have not made him reconsider that decision.

“No, I have not reconsidered my decision.  It was a hard decision for me.  I was undecided until the day before.  I have no plans to get into the race,” said Kennedy.

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